Dior's Fabled Scent - Living Spaces

Cinderella’s myth has fascinated followers of fairytales, through the ages. The earliest version of the rags-to-riches story is believed to have come from 9th-century China.

Dior has now created a scent for a modern Cinderella: instead of a fairy godmother or pumpkin, she uses Midnight Poison to capture her prince.

Like a fragrant symphony, the scent features soft accords (bergamot and mandarin orange) followed by floral note (rose absolute), with patchouli and amber in the rubdown.

Bathed in blue light, Midnight Poison’s bottle embodies the mystery of an extraordinary night. Dior’s modern-day Cinderella is portrayed by Bond girl, Eva Green, in the commercial lensed by Wong Kar-wai.


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