Estee Lauder: Moisture ‘magnet’ for your skin

THIS is arguably the grand dame of skincare made by the grand dame of beauty. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Protective Recovery Complex is 26 years old, old enough to be repackaged and reformulated in this fast-moving beauty world, but the brown glass bottle remains one of the label's best-loved item.’

“It’s insurance for your skin,” said Estee Lauder public relations manager. I didn’t take her word for it, but since my skin has been dry of late and scarred by pimples, I thought the Advanced Night Repair, or ANR, would have a perfect canvas to work on.

It’s simple to use: just squirt it on your palm and massage it into your skin after your toner. It takes a while for the serum to be absorbed, after which you apply your moisturiser. Now, what I don’t like is the smell. It smells of something bitter, like medicine, so every time I put it on, I try not to inhale the scent.

What I do like is that it immediately hydrates my skin. My face stops feeling coarse, and when I smile I don’t see those tiny lines on my cheeks. Its ability to rehydrate skin is largely due to sodium hyaluronate, which acts as a “magnet” to attract moisture and lock it in. There was even a test that I was taught.

Massage ANR on one hand and then spray water on both hands. Water drips from the hand without ANR, while water becomes tiny droplets that sticks to the hand with ANR rubbed into it. A week after using it, I went for my regular facial and my therapist commented on how much more supple my skin had become.This alone was enough to tell me that this serum works.


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